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Inspired by the BLM protests of last year, the Black History Month of this year has sparked more conversations than ever before as organisations educate themselves on Black history, culture and heritage. Here at Marijays, it is a way a life. We live for the culture, in fact we are the culture. We celebrate the vibrant colours of African Print every day and are not ashamed to infuse it in our everyday wear. This year the BHM takes on a new campaign – Proud to be. In line with this, we have created a new, fresh vibrant collection this month – aptly called “Proud”. This collection takes you from relaxation mode, to boss mode and then party mode. As usual we do not overstock, we just do a maximum of 10 per style. Happy Black History Month.


Each item of this collection is name after an African Hero that has made their mark in the world. Some are gone while some are still with us but their contribution to the black race and humanity will never be forgotten.

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